Why Nephrology Associates of Michigan?

Nephrology Associates of Michigan (NAM) was founded in 1974, it has enjoyed the trust of patients and referring physicians throughout Southeast Michigan.

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Good Blood Sugar Control Equals Lower Kidney Disease Risk

The National Kidney Foundation states that Diabetes Mellitus is currently the most common cause of kidney disease. Approximately 1/3 with diabetics will develop kidney disease. It is very important to have good diabetes control in order to reduce or slow the progression of kidney disease.

A patient can lower their kidney disease risk by controlling and maintaining blood sugar. This means eating meals and snacks following the diet that has been given for the patient to follow. The patient also will need to take his or her medications exactly as they are supposed to and not miss any doses.

It is important to take your blood sugars as instructed by your primary care provider and keep a log of those readings and take them with you to your appointments. Routine periodic follow-up with your primary care provider who is managing your diabetes is essential to make changes in diet or medication that may be needed in order to keep your A1C optimal for you. Most A1C are done every 3 months.

Maintaining a routine exercise regimen helps to keep your blood sugar lower and allow you to either lose or maintain weight which improves your blood sugar control. Whatever activity you maintain, be consistent in your activity.

By keeping your blood sugars numbers where they should be, you will protect your kidney from damage. Getting your blood sugars back into control will help to slow the progression of any kidney disease that may already have started.

Linda Lou Mixter, ANP - BC

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